Charles Greenholdt

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Charles Greenholdt is an award winning water color artist. His paintings are painted exclusively on 300 lb (heavy duty) 100% cotton paper and in transparent watercolor only. They are then mounted on 100% cotton double matting with linen mounting tape; resulting in completely archival works of art that can be enjoyed for generations to come. His subjects include favorite places, homes, and pets but mainly family members.

Commissions are very welcome. Charles works from photos provided by clients and he is able to change the setting and add multiple elements into a single piece. His ability to match the subject to the light and shadows of substituted worlds is truly amazing. It is no wonder that he has been revered in the art community.

Charles Greenholdt is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Association of Independent Artists. His exhibitions include: Water Color U.S.A., Butler Institute of Art, Illinois State Professional Exhibit, Art Institute of Chicago Sales and Rental Gallery, National Bar Foundation, Capricorn Gallery (Bethsaida, MD), Chicago Steinberg Gallery, Katie Gingrich Gallery (Milwaukee, WI), Kansas City Art Institute Sales and Rental Gallery, Racine Fine Arts Museum, Richard Mark Fine Art and numerous art fairs and shows throughout the midwest.

Charles has demonstrated, lectured or taught at Wheaton College, Lake Forest Academy, Gordon Tech High School, Hammond Art Center, Chicago Women’s Club, and the Palette and Chisel Club of Chicago. His work has been represented in several public and private collections of note such as: The Amoco Oil Collection, Purdue University, Michael Reese Dysfuctional Child Center, Equitable Life Collection, Great Lakes Solvent;s Co., Elmhurst Museum of Fine Art, and Salim B. Lewis. He has received numerous awards from the Illinois State Fair, the Union League Biennial, the Coconut Grove Art Fair, the Winter Park Art Fair, the Boston Mills Art Show, and the Des Moines Art Fair.