Pamela Hart

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“I am a landscape oil painter.  My subject matter is very traditional; my painting style floats between realism and impressionism.  The Impressionists and the Flemish portrait painters of the 14th & 15th centuries have greatly influenced me.  I continue to explore pathways and the interplay of lights and darks, but I have incorporated into my work the layering of white emulsions in the under painting, popularized by Jan Van Eyck.

Working on linen I paint a tempera emulsion under painting.  I put layer upon layer of highly reflective white undercoating over a drawing of either charcoal  or India Ink. I then finish with transparent and translucent colors. This enhances the luminosity of the colors. The light passes through the colors and reflects off the under painting giving my work incredible depth.

I try to evoke the feeling that the viewer could just walk right into my work.”

Pamela Hart- Artist’s Statement