Robert Andrus

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Robert G. Andrus graduated from the University of Michigan majoring in graphic design- a comprehensive art degree achieved in a time and place when art was not digitally driven, but was a much more internal process. Robert sharpened his skills while working for many of the world’s largest advertising and corporate clients.

In addition to his illustrative art work, Robert developed a passion for three-dimensional expression. Sculpture has led him to wood as his medium of choice. Its variety, warmth, and richness, as well as its ability to hold complex and abstract forms make it an ideal material for his work. The selection of and the individual peculiarities of each piece of wood inspire a sculpture to its own unique direction. The sculpture continues to evolve with the mellowing of age.

The genesis of Robert’s sculpture is nature, passed through a prism of American Folk Art. It is a very refined version of traditional Americana- abstracted with world historic cultural references. The results can be whimsical or abstract, but always rendered with accomplished mastery.

Mr. Andrus’ art is represented in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.