Zora Duvall

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Zora Duvall was born in Rovecin, Czechoslovakia but now she resides on Chicago’s North Shore. She received her BA in art at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She earned her MA from the University of Iowa where her thesis was in oil painting. She was also a member of the faculty at both of these institutions. Zora later spent 23 years of her life as the curator of the Borg Warner Corporation art collection; a collection that she built up from the beginning.

Her body of work is expansive and she is known for her work in oil on canvas and board. Zora has been the subject of many art exhibitions throughout the US. Her work has been featured at Bradley Galleries in Milwaukee, WI; at the Peoria Art Center in IL; at the 4-Arts Gallery in Evanston, IL; at the Des Moines Art Center in IO; and at the Adair Gallery in St. Louis, MO. Davenport Municipal Gallery in IO, the Peoria Art Guild in IL, as well as the Prajna Gallery in Saugatuck, MI have all focused on Zora’s work in solo exhibitions. Many colleges including Shimer College (IL), Cornell College (IO), Coe College (IO), and Northwestern University (IL), have also shown Zora’s work independently from other artists.

Zora has been invited to show her work alongside other accomplished artists at more institutions throughout the United States. She has exhibited work in group exhibitions at the Walker Art Center (MN), the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery (Kansas City, MO), the Joslyn Museum (Omaha, NE), the Illinois State Museum (Springfield, IL), the Des Moines Art Center (IO), Grand Rapids Art Center (IO), the University of Iowa, the Colorado Springs Art Center, in the Illinois Invitational at the Illinois State Museum (Springfield, IL) and more.

Zora Duvall has created art throughout her entire lifetime and she is still making art to this day in her North Shore studio. She has a zest for life which she transmits through her art.

Zora’s oil paintings, oil pastel drawings and giclee art cards are  available at the Richard Mark Fine Art Gallery.